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A reflection was needed more than a rhyme with how erratic,
Predictable they have been.
A family wretched in nature while ridden by demons who’ve they’ve joined forces with.
Dead of dreams while smothering any hint of light beaming towards their person…

What am I to do?
How do I escape the clutches of withered souls who quench their get-wrenching thirst with gallons of another’s tears,
Turned acidic from so many years of loneliness?
How do I exit a glasshouse I see can see my salvation through,
Except for every wall blocking my path?

It is finally time!
To just,
Sprint forward and burst through every wall I can’t see.
Walls I’ve materialized within a mind by fearing my potential to succeed,
Live my dreams!
Be different than the norm…

As I am not sorry.
For quitting alcohol to be a better me.
For inching closer to a life where I don’t lie to myself!
Whenever my heart thinks of Mary Jane as the answer to my problems.
For not taking shots I survived by investing time in repentance for my sins.
For standing up to brothers who were never brothers to begin with.
For staying distant from hard drugs that mentally destroyed relatives I dare not speak to again…

Who am I to be sorry for everything my inner child forced me to do?
While seeking a permanent answer to the pain of my forsakenness…

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