Truth About Mad Men

Honestly, I'm torn apart inside. With pain on my feet while I walk beneath sunshine, And smile no matter how much I wince for a clean slate. Because, I know why I feel the pain I feel, As I swipe steel across a page when I should be resting still... Sometimes, I don't even know... Continue Reading →

Rejuvenating Light

Christ rejuvenates my soul when I'm drowning. Even when I'm found dead inside of the arms of Satan himself, After all the trouble I've started... Christ even loves those dearly departed. Locked in a chamber of horrid thoughts he, Cleanses, As we're reborn through his divine presence...

God Walks On Our Tears

Sounds of heart monitors consume my ear canals as much as God, Whenever It holds me in contempt. You would think God Itself would be more accepting, Rather than taking the role of your deathly Rosarian, Laying it to rest how it really is. But, I guess even "It" has its moments of hopelessness when... Continue Reading →

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