Alone In My Coffee Shop

Carried by Winds of Grace while drizzled in Rain of Prosperity. At least, It's how you should feel even if you're still strutting through Earth's soil, Wet from our blood, Sweat and tears... Have to assume there's a reason Stars swirl all around and dance within the Space we create when closing our eyes. A... Continue Reading →


How is it possible to react with Love, Since I've known Anger for much longer? An emotion esurient in nature, Coercing my mind to wear it like a badge of honor. And, In blunt fashion, Persuading my hands to cap off my night with Marijuana smoke and offer, My Demons, A hit or two, As... Continue Reading →

Lovely Mournings

Three years since we've last touched. And, Still I taste those lips more luscious than any other pair I've grazed. How perfect they wrapped around mine while soaking wet by your intent to drown me with, Love... Never was about Seduction, Nor lust in any of our encounters. But, We couldn't help but make love,... Continue Reading →

Check Ya Self

Some mornings, All you want to do is kick back, Lock and load a gun to shoot a bullet packed, With a name you've been begging to erase. But, I'm the kind of guy that'll leave you bleeding on the ground, And apologize for any pain I may have put you through... Don't even know... Continue Reading →

4 The Love Of Poetry

Poetry doesn't judge. Poetry will never reject you. Poetry will never ridicule you for the feelings that rise up to the very top of your spine. It's why I let it devour my life. It's why I let it consume my soul, With all of its smiles and Laughter washing away each tear from my... Continue Reading →

Sugar Rush 4 The Agez

Overreacting to any situation is a conundrum we'd all love to avoid, Even if we did for a moment or two. I mean, What's the point? Wasting that divine energy you were born with to uplift smiles hanging on a broken ledge. Those lugubriuous thoughts only trap us inside of its vortex of denial and... Continue Reading →

Back In Shape

Been a square in a world said to come around full circle. Jumping over hurdles I am meant to soar past virtu- Ally. Using everything the Devil made as an Aly, Heaven sent to me as a reason for the balance that I need. And, I ain't the only one. Trying to keep running away... Continue Reading →

Dogz On The Prowl

Kind of feel like, A dog on the prowl for His biggest bite to eat yet. Full of every craving my nose picked up on when traveling back home from work. But, Question is, When do we know if we deserve it at all after many days full of relapse and bitter reactions? Just a... Continue Reading →

Wake Me Up Inside

Rainy mornings. Each droplet, A reminder for the growth we must undergo. We're all a rose, Evanescent, Meshing with inner sun rays when, We are woken inside. Spirits soaring all across the Sky we've woven despite, How dark it once was... Sure. We might of had days where water has overflown, Prompting a Drought of... Continue Reading →

Frosted Flakez

Shy, Reserved and quiet I was as a curious kid growing past all Pain The South Bronx had to offer. Observing a family rife with internal turmoil from the get go. Yet, No matter how many fists were thrown, No matter how many times Grandma had called police during our lovely, 'Heartwarming' reunions every Sunday... Continue Reading →

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