Cloudy Dayz

Don't really know what to say. All I can do is wake up, Brush my teeth and pray before starting this day. As much as I would like to feel appreciated, Acceptance is my only option as flashbacks storm past my eyes while pain, Just pain, Clutters my mind... Because, I know I've made mistakes!... Continue Reading →

Bernardo’s Decision (Pt. 2 of Bernardo’s Vision)

Can't get away from the sight of an Iphone. Exhausted of dealing with anybody living through a snap and a dial tone. So, He's dialed in, Snapping with a pen, Racking up a set of lines He couldn't connect! If, The masses weren't already trapped inside a Cell... "While everybody's worried about keeping their bars... Continue Reading →

Isn’t it? You Know It Is!

Why rise from slumber and whinge at Society's general follies? Is the question. Yet, A person like me? Hard-headed even after breaking out of his long-time, Corrugate shell of reticence, Discovers that to be strenuous. Spending laborious amounts of time relaxing my nerves after involuntarily witnessing any kind of ignorance. Ridiculing myself over and over... Continue Reading →

State Of Affairs

"Mami! Climbing on this thing is fun!" "What the hell is your damn problem!? Stop it right the fuck now!..." Everyone in the area immediately turned around, Startled and probably wondering, How? How can you possibly yell at a sweet child just, Grinning and shuffling feet circling a Mother squared by misbegotten anger as she... Continue Reading →

Evicted From The Clan

Waking up, First thing, Bright and early? It looks like it will surely be a beautiful day! Sitting next to my window, Smoking on endo while I pray. Sipping on some tea, Alleviating me of my pain... Why can't it Be, This good? Every morning I'm standing, Weak? From this family happily handing me plenty... Continue Reading →

A Train Of Thought

"If she wasn't a bitch, then she would understand why I'm not around so often," Jean said in response to his 4 year old daughter, In the 4 train, After asking why they don't get along in their broken apartment... "She thinks I'm a fuckin' bum as if she was born so flawless." Sitting across... Continue Reading →

Landing On A Cushion

Sweet angelic visions of her remind him of thievery, Stealing his eye sight away from the sun's blockade of a glare to enter his twilight of lost possessions... She, The coin of his mere life, Obverse to his skin, Mind, Condense soul, Whispers in his ignorant ears, "Come back home, I need you..." No matter... Continue Reading →

Classmatez, Or Enemiez?

All our lives we've heard that schools are full of students in competition. Fighting to be top of the crop in a classroom with pencils scribbling answers on a test for a spot in positions, Anyone can have, Really... What if every student earned a 10 out of 10? 100 percent? An A+ on each... Continue Reading →

Overflowing Wishing Wellz

Our sun is so shiny!So beautiful is every bird flying by me.Smiling from ear to ear for once while I'm diving into oceanic skies we,Typically take for granted...Personally,I value all the same and marble at everything I encounter.My outer shell may be hard as rock,But,Never do I wrestle with the thought of being at the... Continue Reading →

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