A reflection was needed more than a rhyme with how erratic,Yet,Predictable they have been.They,A family wretched in nature while ridden by demons who've they've joined forces with.Dead of dreams while smothering any hint of light beaming towards their person… What am I to do?How do I escape the clutches of withered souls who quench their... Continue Reading →

Momma Earth (Continued & Finished)

The Earth is home,Yet,We soil it with concrete and skyscrapers.Sunshine so bright,Some eyes go blind,But,At least I have mine still in tact!To see every lie planted along the edges of my garden,The weeds I cut every morning after I yawn and,Stretch my arms while reaching for the stars… Dying,On an earth that allows you to... Continue Reading →

Yeah, Right. “I’m Not Alone.”

So weird,Writing this piece during my recovery.Because,I've lived a life rife with mistakes I'm trying to right before I'm dead,In a grave,With no chance to rebuttal each critic of my existence.And,I can't use a voice I've seemed to have burned out by belching complaint after complaint from the top of my lungs.All over anger and... Continue Reading →

Under Construction – How Hiring!

Don’t quite know what God wants from me.Everyday I wake up with purpose in mind,But,Still puzzled as to why I must go fourth with what my heart aches for.An escape from thoughts more crippling than a car speeding one-hundred miles per hour,Zipping right passed your shattered shins flying over to the other side of the... Continue Reading →

Choices To Make

Overthinking is a bad habit a lot of us get into.Every time I can't seem to make the pen move,I get confused,Because,It's all I want to do,But,When I wake up I tend a choose,A blunt I shouldn't be lighting up inside of my room.Clouded!By the smoke twirling all around me while I'm shrouded by so... Continue Reading →

Plastic World

Nothing really matters anymore,In a City war-torn from all the trauma it doesn’t want to deal with anymore.So,When I walk down the block on Broadway,For some Chicharron you can see at Mambi’s cooking all day,I shake my head at everybody putting up an act,After being called to “action”… But,I don’t want to waste my mother... Continue Reading →

Just Play Ball

Hits,Diamonds,Home base.Watch your circle change,How it breaks with the way you spin your story.Most gravitate to those who drop jewels,But,Few are brave enough to pick them up from the ground and shine when it's pouring.I got thrown a curve ball when I decided I would mind mine,While left stranded after basing my peace off the... Continue Reading →

Harsh Blunts

Beginnings of a poem can be hard.Especially,When all you want to do is see humanity crumble by its own karma.Humanity deserves every bit of it!,But,Who am I to open my mouth and alarm us?Too many Bel-air dreams with a will to farm a plant,Drink as many shots you can,With a pill in hand!No matter how... Continue Reading →

All Over The Place

Expressing my feelings is something I forgot how to do throughout these past several lonely years of my life. How can you not when all you've known is anger for longer than you can remember? And it hardly ever gets better as I wrestle with one question. Is it even worth expressing what makes my... Continue Reading →

Wind Tunnels

A troubled mind travels through wind tunnels of angst and despair,Colder than a night below 30° without a blanket in sight.Forever cursed by idle hands refusing to write their own life story… Yet,On a search it goes!A search that won't conclude unless you face yourself along every waning goal,It promised it'd never let go of…... Continue Reading →

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