Leaving It Behind Us

Leaves fall, But, Grow back eventually. Kind of like us. Taking a few steps back to leap forward even higher than where we were at originally, Leaving behind bits and pieces of ourselves, What we used to be. Doing whatever is necessary to change... Because, No matter how many leaves fall, Our trunks are set... Continue Reading →

Clear Skies Are Evident

Evidence. "That which proves or disproves something, ground for belief, Proof..." Good thing I've been soaking gun pellets in a little glass of alcohol... Shots! Upon shots!... "Strike a match, Get burned and embalmed in a casket and Rot!" Is what I used to prefer. And! The proof is in a pot of pudding I... Continue Reading →

Ode To My Dad

Never do I know how much I love my father, Until I picture that day I saw him laid out on a stretcher. It was around 9pm, Leaving Grandma's after attending a family reunion, Even if I never truly felt like a welcomed member. All I saw were red lights flashing, A frown on my... Continue Reading →

A Matter Of Redemption

I don't really think I matter to anyone. Kind of feels like, If I died today? Others would resonate more laughter and love! All over the world while spotting doves, Coating our bright skies with their beauty... Wouldn't say I'm losing my sanctity, But, In a way, I'm choosing to vanish eternally. Through each poem... Continue Reading →

Mary Jane Doesn’t Love Me

Beating... Beating... Beating... My heart is, With accelerating rhythm. Every morning comes with a bittersweet hint of His iron will bleeding out through His stomach, Growling for another plate of food His mind seems to refuse... Why? Even He has not a single clue. Except! For the one reason He chose to pretend wasn't true.... Continue Reading →


Lust, And all of its afflictions? Tasted like warheads when I was low on everything sweet. Lust is like, The sweet apple pie I'm dying to dig in to, Even though there's a note saying that it's not for me. It's why I rather love! And bask in it while wrapped in the only set... Continue Reading →

A Train Of Thought

"If she wasn't a bitch, then she would understand why I'm not around so often," Jean said in response to his 4 year old daughter, In the 4 train, After asking why they don't get along in their broken apartment... "She thinks I'm a fuckin' bum as if she was born so flawless." Sitting across... Continue Reading →

Holiday Carols

Within these verses, I am not certain that I will make it out alive, As I shower amongst waterfalls. A representation of how I feel in the inside... But, On the outside? Nothing but a shell of a smile worn out from years of use. Even if you think I'm handsome and try to make... Continue Reading →

Landing On A Cushion

Sweet angelic visions of her remind him of thievery, Stealing his eye sight away from the sun's blockade of a glare to enter his twilight of lost possessions... She, The coin of his mere life, Obverse to his skin, Mind, Condense soul, Whispers in his ignorant ears, "Come back home, I need you..." No matter... Continue Reading →

City Bandits

Another day, Another body slumped by a loaded trey. Whether it's mess of shells cracked open by a trigger, Or food from a sea of dead fish puffing poison your way, While the bamboozled drink and eat off of leaky chalices and brittle plates... Will I die today? Is the question that we ask in... Continue Reading →

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