Freewrite #7: Throwbacks Are Cool, Sometimes

Nothing seems better than a throwback.Good ole' nostalgia that makes you go back in time,In a mind conjuring its next happy moment.When all around you keeps crumbling while trapped by others with ulterior motives,I tend to think of one smile,One laugh,Both coming from a voice that once drove me mad.And,She's gone... But,Nowadays?I look at another... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #6: The Milk We Use

Do we really care about each other?When we step outside into a world where most souls cry acid tears,Do we care about every drop singing through the happiness of another?Seems like we can care less,As if negligence was what we poured into our cereal bowls top of the morning,While on your last few scoops of... Continue Reading →

Eye Of The Endless Storm

Earth is as blue as you choose it to be.If perception is everything,So is the picture you see.Internally.When we wake,Our eye opens before each eyelid does,Purposefully.And,From that point on?It's up to you to choose the image you will see for the rest of a life we're forced to live,No matter what hurts us deep inside... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #5: Tempered Glass

Some mornings, you have no other choice but to open the vents and just,Let it all out.How sick and tired you are of your current reality.How you wish you had family that appreciated your existence. How you hope for a day where you wake up without wincing at the thought of Life itself... Because,You don't... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #4: I Love Dancing, Too

Ever been so depressed where you couldn't even squeeze tooth paste out of its tube,Just because it took time away from doing absolutely nothing at all?Or,Having difficulty eating without smoking a plethora of enormous joints as big as each open wound on your ailing body?An accolade you'd hate to give those demons waltzing all across... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #3: Sour Love

Bloody and battered.Running from scattering shots faster than ever before!But,He became the standard.Who is He to speed away from danger that'll get his image plastered on the canvas of another to fulfill the wishes of His Master?That Devil in His head,Standing on His shoulders while dressed in red,The Woman he unfortunately has to call his... Continue Reading →

Red Skies: Intro To The Madness

Dark.Musky.Air thickened by the winds of crying lungs.Sky reddened by from the splatter of my open wounds.Yet,One can very much breathe while standing tall on this rotting soil... What other choice do I have as I trot over to the Lion's Den?A Hell on Earth where souls wither away underneath their undying squabbles over pennies... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #2: A New Day To Be Loved

So used to going through this Day without a single message from anyone I love.Before,I'd cry,Silently,Like a Man too afraid to chase his dreams when Push comes to Shove.Now?Smiling even if my happiness and peace isn't popular amongst others who've shown me conditional love... Why?Just because.A new day,A new week,A new month to be loved!By... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday To Me

First birthday I wake up to in so long without a need to drink beer, Wine or liquor. The kind of shots I take, Nowadays, Definitely differ from a glass forcing me to see an older image than what I currently view in my mirrors... Thank you, God, Regardless of everything lost, As I gained... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #1: Fidgeting For Freedom

X-rays buzzing all morning can make you nervous.Because,I don't think a machine can ever catch what's really broken no matter what bone is hurting!But,Still I wait,Patiently.For my turn in a lobby where most are seen fidgeting for freedom we can have with our vacancy… But,It isn't that simple,Isn't it?As easy as it is to exit... Continue Reading →

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