Sojourn In The Desert

During his sojourn on Earth, He experienced emotions so foreign. A whirlwind of torment never felt before, While the sun torches his new coat of flesh. Thirsty, For the first time, For something more than infinite rest... As he walks across desert land, Pain from each step on burning sand, Viciously seeps into pores being... Continue Reading →


I feel like, The day others would care to see if I'm doing fine, Is when I die. "I know he's in heaven watching us from the sky..." "He's with God now, Rather than suffering in a world where he mostly cried in..." I can only imagine the narrative. "Why couldn't he reach out for... Continue Reading →

Never Give Up!

Sometimes, It feels as if Life itself forms into an unruly siren, Screeching her dear heart out right into your sensitive ears. Attempting to usher in a road of pain and despair for reasons only It knows. And, It creeps up and bangs on those drums when you've installed the brightest lightbulb within the middle... Continue Reading →

Taciturn Man

Just, Listen to the beats of life banging in our ear drums. Sit and smile to the sounds of peace strumming in the form of birds chirping. Embrace Happiness with your lips curling up towards sunshine beaming light upon your immutable Love for Life of all kinds. Clamber the rocky mountains of success until you... Continue Reading →

Can’t Disturb My Peace

Attention and Jealousy are demons you wouldn't want to fall for. Brick walls in your own journey that'll have you flipping over everything, Like parkour. Have you doing what you don't even like, Just to be around someone in particular for, Reasons only they know... Why walk the road of another based off of their... Continue Reading →

Almond Joyz

Life is sweet the more I focus on writing bars. My remedy for all mundane tasks ahead of me before I go nuts in a world cloaked by a farce, Dark in nature... Hard not to with so many phones ringing and cameras flashing. A light most replaced their original bulbs with for images they... Continue Reading →

Isolated Incident

Been so mad at women nowadays, But, It's time to understand why. By rewinding back time a little bit and shine light at who I once thought of as divine. The one who had my heart for 5 years without a doubt until my very own eyes, Became more moist every moment I wrote a... Continue Reading →

Mean Green Machine

What is true to you, May not be true to me. What you see may be solid, Physically. What I see? Is too abstract for one to manifest in their own reality. The insanity of sitting down and writing for hours on end? Equates to every goal I achieve as I reach the next step... Continue Reading →

Vexed By His Own Madness

Some wake up, Yet, Their eyes aren't open. Living as if every Universal Law must bend towards their reality. Acting as if their life is much worse than it actually is... What can you do when someone is that mentally deranged? Falsifying some sort of struggle of loneliness, Even when surrounded by others throughout the... Continue Reading →

Believe It To See It

Eyesight is everything in hindsight. My life is clearer when my mind's right. Because, When things go left as I lose direction, I get bested by the devil himself when I deny my, Gift to write a passage full of light within my heart once full of darkness... My eyes remind me that I got... Continue Reading →

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