Lonely Excursionz

In a journey where you may appear alone, you'll learn the true intentions of people, what people have used you for. And, how love and forgiveness is the only solution in a world divided by glaring deceit only seen when one decides to see it... Having no one at all to fall back on for... Continue Reading →

Better Dayz

Rivaled only by reflections I'm blessed to see. Disciple of the Word in which we speak to be Truth within realities, Setting most of us apart. A student of life for eternity until Death do us part! Even if Rebirth is what's next. Aren't I already dead the moment I lay asleep, Conjuring another world... Continue Reading →

Merriment Of Peace

You know you've been working hard when you come back home with a hole inside one of your favorite pair of sneakers. The only pair that was left unscathed until they had to be worn. No other choice but to be strapped on my feet during a time of mental warfare. Mental warfare my demons... Continue Reading →

Burning Starz

Although I give my all to these poems, I feel like I don't give enough. So many metaphors for our sun, Yet, More attempts to brighten up within a bottle of moonshine poured within a cup, I used to grip onto for dear life! Everything is good when the cup is full, But, What happens... Continue Reading →

Basking In The Breeze

Insane! How someone would gladly throw out garbage with no mask, yet immediately put it back on when sighting another Human they've never seen before in this day and age. Fearless in the face of bacteria and microbes unbeknownst to the Trash Bag Holder. Aghast when crossing paths with another person who may be just... Continue Reading →

Clear Skies Are Evident

Evidence. "That which proves or disproves something, ground for belief, Proof..." Good thing I've been soaking gun pellets in a little glass of alcohol... Shots! Upon shots!... "Strike a match, Get burned and embalmed in a casket and Rot!" Is what I used to prefer. And! The proof is in a pot of pudding I... Continue Reading →

Livin’ In A Haunted House

Don't know who to trust . Am I blindsided and confused because of a past I've been reviewing too much? Or, Just now noticing what kind of reality I've been living in? Seeing double when passing by the corner of this haunted house. Where illusions are dealt through a cost, As you pay the price... Continue Reading →

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