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Try To See The Sunshine

Art is usually made through the darkness within.Incisions made into visions played through your pupils from intuitions relayed to your mind,Every time,That your eyes,Open to sunshine…

A Dry Poem

Seems like my Heart,Soul and Spirit are dry of the Poetry they thirst for,But,They're there.Poems I'm demanded to excavate from ancient ruins of Faith I've been restoring with every stroke of my pen regardless of the amount of ink I choose to splatter on to,The grave of my past and present demons.Poems that will never... Continue Reading →

To Rise Again

I must accept it because it's what God wants.I want to be a baller,A player,But,That wasn't God's call.I tried to hang it up!But,God looked at me and said,"You will not fall!"Any longer…


Repentance.Allowing God to rip every chain off of my bruised ankles and wrists.Turning back from every demon who thought they could frolic in my mind for all of eternity.Saying no to every craving leading me to my unfortunate demise.Grabbing the hand of your inner child and pulling him back up from an edge before he... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Candy – Freewrite #42

Waking up everyday knowing that no one will ever just, say Hi, is probably the toughest reality to wake up to. From what I've seen, rich or poor, Loneliness is powerful enough to devour your entire soul, spitting it back out onto concrete where the sun shines the brightest. A beast I've known too well,... Continue Reading →

Mary Jane Who? (Repost)

Smoking weed isn’t as special as others make it seem like. After a while you’ll find yourself asking, “Can’t I be doing something better for myself right now?” Usually where I end up at the end up like this moment finishing my first blunt of the day. Feels like my personal demons manifested in the... Continue Reading →

A Look Back At The Boogie Down

Jobs are hard to stay consistent with, at least for me. If there is no purpose my soul can find within any kind of structure of work, then by God will I rebuke it to the hottest flame Hell has to offer. But, as a top flight security guard in the boogie down, South Bronx,... Continue Reading →


Burnout is definitely real,According to my heart and mind so exhausted from uttering a single sentence,Alongside a voice hurting for some silence.A voice urging me to keep quiet before it blows!And,Leaves my life scattered on the ground in more pieces than I can ever count.It just,Took longer than it should’ve,My escape from my own mental... Continue Reading →

Rotten Apples

Why is this rotten feeling inside of me whenever I'm not clouded by weed smoke?Why can't I just smile and enjoy the day without a teardrop or two drowning that possibility away?Most call it anxiety,But,Maybe it's my refusal to be myself in world that stopped inspiring me,The day my ex left me in dumpster of... Continue Reading →

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