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Rain Of Terror

God is everything.
I’m not a preacher trying to reach you.
More like a teacher already tested by life trying to teach youth.
Whomever may come across me while I seek truth…

How do you obtain it?
The trend most are into nowadays in,
A city bound to cave in to temptations,
Of raising a cup of Koolaid up to our faces,
The same cup our demons want to get a taste of!
Is a trend that’ll crush your spirit with no remorse.
That trend where you immortalize the individual without any recourse…

Our inner selves already know how!
We just,
Keep skeletons inside of our closets while possessed by the voices in our heads,
Influencing us to gloat our flaws with no doubt!
A deity fallen to his own cloud of Darkness…

A reign of terror upheld only by those who’ve drowned in their own deceit,
Until their soul has departed…

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