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Spilling One’s Gut 3 – Before The Flood Gates Open…

The only thing final is the fantasy we live in our minds.Nothing is real in a world made with every lie we've sworn by.So,I keep my head in the clouds fighting for another day before I'm caught in the same vices,Crushing my spirits and waning hopes of living strifeless.No more smoke surrounding a vessel wounded... Continue Reading →

Rain Of Terror

God is everything.And,I'm not a preacher trying to reach you.More like a teacher already tested by life trying to teach youth.Really,Whomever may come across me while I seek truth... Yet,How do you obtain it?The trend most are into nowadays in,A city bound to cave in to temptations,Of raising a cup of Koolaid up to our... Continue Reading →

Brief Intermissions 2

"Don't really want to be here,But,I'm here without a choice and I can't complain.Still alive,Breathing in prana while I disengage,From my demons cornered in a mind that is now enraged!And,Motivated more than ever,In a period where opinions don't matter to a man trying to sever,Ties to a Devil gripping my collar,While I laugh at his... Continue Reading →

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