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A Dry Poem

Seems like my Heart,Soul and Spirit are dry of the Poetry they thirst for,But,They're there.Poems I'm demanded to excavate from ancient ruins of Faith I've been restoring with every stroke of my pen regardless of the amount of ink I choose to splatter on to,The grave of my past and present demons.Poems that will never... Continue Reading →


Repentance.Allowing God to rip every chain off of my bruised ankles and wrists.Turning back from every demon who thought they could frolic in my mind for all of eternity.Saying no to every craving leading me to my unfortunate demise.Grabbing the hand of your inner child and pulling him back up from an edge before he... Continue Reading →

Mary Jane Who? (Repost)

Smoking weed isn’t as special as others make it seem like. After a while you’ll find yourself asking, “Can’t I be doing something better for myself right now?” Usually where I end up at the end up like this moment finishing my first blunt of the day. Feels like my personal demons manifested in the... Continue Reading →


Burnout is definitely real,According to my heart and mind so exhausted from uttering a single sentence,Alongside a voice hurting for some silence.A voice urging me to keep quiet before it blows!And,Leaves my life scattered on the ground in more pieces than I can ever count.It just,Took longer than it should’ve,My escape from my own mental... Continue Reading →

Blind Rage

Episodes of rage take over when sober from love.Drunk by the thought of her for so long,But,It's time to show a different me.A different flow of rhythm where I only act up on a stage for the world to see.No fear while I drop bombs from a palm deterring naysayers from my life,Praying everyone survives... Continue Reading →

Hot Headz

Living inside of your own head is like,Dipping your feet in a lake of fire while you watch them violently dissolve.An inevitable implosion a Hot-Head cannot prevent,Without a will to move forward instead of dwelling on a past already behind them…But,What is home if I'm not welcomed anywhere I go?The only way is up after... Continue Reading →

Why Me?

"Why does it have to be me?" The question I ask when I walk down a street,Where my feet never feel welcomed.A beast in the eyes of each person I pass while I smile with a piece of me broken.And,Only I know what rattles inside of a mind I pray for,For the moment… No one... Continue Reading →

Ain’t Mad Anymore!

All the noise stopped when I chipped a tooth pulling teeth to bring It to an end.This,Vortex of smoke I've spun inside of for too many years of my life,Chipping away at my flesh!Piece by piece.Making sure the torture is painful and slow.But,Not once do I wince as I endure the sting of Hell.As numb... Continue Reading →

Leaves of Peace

Finally!Finally,Finally.Surrounded by the kind of nature that loves to tell a story.Leaves of paper bound to a spine strong enough to endure what broke mine.Reminders of what life can be like if I just,Walk away from what wants to efface my existence on a planet I've grown weary of.All I wonder is,What's next?While my hands... Continue Reading →

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