Overflowing Wishing Wellz

Our sun is so shiny!So beautiful is every bird flying by me.Smiling from ear to ear for once while I'm diving into oceanic skies we,Typically take for granted...Personally,I value all the same and marble at everything I encounter.My outer shell may be hard as rock,But,Never do I wrestle with the thought of being at the... Continue Reading →

Livin’ In My Own World

Some stories are too good to check. Sometimes, Certain narratives sound too good to question, If it hooks you in the way it was meant to... But, How do you read in between lines that'll set you, Inside of a plot where your story ends? You, Simply don't... As an Author of a story that... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Dear…

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear..." That's typically where the tears come in, Unable to finish the lyric, Neither lip in sync with a sentence intended to celebrate a picture with me in it. Maybe it's because I'm the only you will ever hear singing it, Anytime the date of... Continue Reading →

Lonely Robotz In The City

Robotics make us forget we're humans full of emotions. So, We ignore them and cast out anyone who's wearing them for the moment. Because, Today's fashion is of an odd kind most of the world follows. Where grams of instant illusions matter more than what is seen on the outside, With "Self-Love" as the motto!... Continue Reading →

Me, Myself & I

I guess that's why I speak to myself often, Because I'm the only one who knows my Pain, Really. Day to day. You get used to it being a lone soldier for most of your time. An outcast is what was casted upon his broken confidence, Him, Who I once was, slummed, In the outskirts... Continue Reading →

Self Made? Never.

Being "self-made" is a dream in the eyes of an outcast. No support around, Just you, A vision and a pen along with a pad helping you endure life when it hits the fan, While conjuring the future you're so desperate to see. No friends. But, An Earth full of trees, Flowers and plants releasing... Continue Reading →

Peace Of Mind

Are there any words that must be spoken during this moment of Silence? Is Peace of Mind worth breaking, Just to give a helping hand to an "angel" with horns clearly protruding their skull? Must you give up your world for another who refuses to make one for themselves and others? Who knows, But, I... Continue Reading →

Where Does It Begin?

Who knows where to start. That boy died the day he entered those Halls. Reborn in the arms of Angels he thought he'd never witness, Yet, In front of him were a Trinity of acceptance. A renewed hope found through a vision different from what I was presented. As an adolescent looking for a way... Continue Reading →

Mr. Murda Mo’

Double barrel glocks, Propped, Under a pillow where he dreams of another shot... Shot, Shots! All over his mind from the minute that he wakes, To the minute that he drops... Number one gangsta' on his block! A top notch learning curve for pitching a rock. Dealing a heavy stock of Death for a fiend... Continue Reading →

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