Tired Of Witnessing Love Die…

Nobody wants to be there, Nor here. As I also just want to disappear... Be my own puppeteer, And control myself a little better while I'm under the weather. But, Whatever. I keep writing verses, Helping those who are hurtin', Even if my own words don't help me most of the time... It's hard to... Continue Reading →

Darkest Hourz

Eerie it feels when you reach out and don't get an answer. Afterwards, you turn kind of zombie like and just stare at the next wall that you see. Darkness embodies your mind as you no longer can reach for that phone for anyone who decides to call back. Then, thoughts and decisions come to... Continue Reading →

Moral Compass

If you're wondering where I've been? Climbing out of an abyss. I do think about many moments I've missed. Missed calls, Ignored messages, Accumulating as my anxiety rises. But I do ask, Where are you during my mental crisis? I'm still here, Because I can't jump off bridges already burnt, Even though I'm trying.... Think... Continue Reading →

Together We Rise

See, I love every kink about you. Because, What matters more to me is every moment I can lift you back up, Same as I want you to do for me, Too. Problem is, Perception is different, Since our experiences are similar, Yet quite different in a life we just woke up for. But, All... Continue Reading →

Throwing Rockz At A Glass House

What's the point in building a house where destruction lies? I sleep in the middle of debree. The minute I step foot on ground, Glass cuts, I scream. Cold, Winds I breathe, Life isn't as sweet, As once thought when glass walls shatter... I'm just trying to get up out my mind... I'm trying to... Continue Reading →

Proper ’12

They want you when you're under spotlights. But, When I step into the dark, They hate what they see and lock eyes, On what they now call a monster. Proper. Funny how I'm writing this at 12, Like Conor. Thinking all about how I left all the demons in my corner trying foster, An angel... Continue Reading →

Know Your Worth

They all say they're there and love you. Until you need them there while they just look above you. But it's a lose-lose, For the fools who, Overlook the worth in your soul glaring a light to the sky. Up high, While they're covered in smoke with tears in their eyes. Broke, In the club... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Obscurity

How obscure it is, How I tremble at the thought of being around the presence of many, Yet, Set out to be around just that. Plethoras of fears take over my thoughts. Like, Going blank, Having nothing to say. But, Even then, It's the only way I can love when darkness rises... Still. I'm prompted... Continue Reading →

When Silence Speakz

Problem is, He's wrong if he feels suicidal, As if anyone is helping him keep his vitals pumping. He's wrong if he's down, Even if he's being kicked while he's hungry, To get back up and smile. He's wrong for just wanting time to heal. Time to heal from pain that doesn't seem to go... Continue Reading →

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