I Dine Alone

Thoughts I write up,
Like day jobs and strike one.
Batter’s up,
While I’m boxed in,
On a search for diamonds without a need to buy one.
I’m shining!
Glass cups to my lightbulb while I light blunts.
I’m dining alone with many knives,
Will to survive with demons in mind,
Who believe I should die!
Regardless of all my beliefs in Christ…

I let bygones be bygones,
In the Darkness where I’ve gone,
As I listen to my song,
of Death…

Along with Rebirth,
On thee Earth,
I delved into feet first,
With thee hurt,
Caused by my creators…

Cut from a certain root,
Dry and crude.
I had to move!
Away from whom,
Attempts to steal my vision zoomed in…

I’m here sitting at work,
With a headache.
And all I can think about are bars that head straight,
To my mind,
When the Devil thinks it’s cool to send hate,
My way…

My inner child’s yelling,
“Why wait!?”
To bounce and leave with thoughts full of trees,
A vision resting overseas,
And a mouth itching to smoke rappers as loud as I please?

I’ve been feeling sour.
A need to devour anything sweet,
In a world sugarcoated by hell showers…
All I know is,
My mic’s wet when I spit fire!
Full of sin,
All I hope for is to burn lighter…

Tired of darkness of any kind,
None of it has been nice to me.
The blanket covering my eyes while I lounge on this seat.
A guarantee!
In regards to a check,
While I ask who’s busy trying to check on me?…

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