Off The Deep End

Floating off the deep end. Into shallow waters where I'm reapin', The benefits of different rhythms flowing off a tongue that is creased in, The moment where I'm thinking of a woman, Scorned, Referred to as the former... Yet, She couldn't take the plethoras of ways how I form words, Into my reality while I... Continue Reading →

Met The Woman Of My Dreamz…And Wish I Never Did

I kind of met the woman of my dreams, But, Wish I never did. Her curls are so beautiful, But, My mind's wrapped up in the thought of exiting from this, Reality that doesn't seem to quite like me, While I'm fighting for peace... Her voice is as sweet as my favorite piece of chocolate,... Continue Reading →

Journal entry #1 – Heartbroken

Love. Often think about if love in this day and age is dead. Dead in a family-like sense. Like, Do we just love ourselves, or are we just afraid of loving each other during times so divided? Maybe, it's an unlikely fusion of both... Of course, we must love ourselves no matter what crisis may... Continue Reading →

High Skiez

Moments like these, I smile wide. Drinking up a few cans while I spew rhymes. I am not ashamed of the struggle I've been given in my life. See, I just make a beat inside of my mind, And just write against my demons line for line. Pound for pound, While I'm boxed in with... Continue Reading →

16 & In Love

I was 16 when I was, Blessed with her presence. A gift from the skies, Breathless I was as my eyes, Fluttered and scried, For the next time, We find, Each other side by side... Friday comes by, And never have I felt so alive, The second I heard you cry, Lullabies of pain and... Continue Reading →

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