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There For The Wrong One

Anytime I think of it,
Her puffy cheeks clutter my mind.
The only set I would love to punch and kiss just,
One more time.
I ruined my chances by not being patient.
By choosing Mary Jane and,
Other selfish desires I replaced her with…
God gave me what I wanted!
Became blinded by the weed smoke that still haunts me today.
If only I was more mature with a vice gripping me tight enough to break!
My character down like every bud I chose to pick apart to better understand my shady ways.
Smiling when I wasn’t happy with the man I used to be without a slim opportunity to wrap my head around her escape!
From a monster I became,
Instead of being stronger where she needed me to be…
All I can say now is,
“Sorry Love…”
Promise to get back on my feet before God decides it is time for me to sleep,
On a bed my demons have attempted to make about 6-feet deep…


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