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A Dry Poem

Seems like my Heart,Soul and Spirit are dry of the Poetry they thirst for,But,They're there.Poems I'm demanded to excavate from ancient ruins of Faith I've been restoring with every stroke of my pen regardless of the amount of ink I choose to splatter on to,The grave of my past and present demons.Poems that will never... Continue Reading →

Mary Jane Who? (Repost)

Smoking weed isn’t as special as others make it seem like. After a while you’ll find yourself asking, “Can’t I be doing something better for myself right now?” Usually where I end up at the end up like this moment finishing my first blunt of the day. Feels like my personal demons manifested in the... Continue Reading →

A Look Back At The Boogie Down

Jobs are hard to stay consistent with, at least for me. If there is no purpose my soul can find within any kind of structure of work, then by God will I rebuke it to the hottest flame Hell has to offer. But, as a top flight security guard in the boogie down, South Bronx,... Continue Reading →

Rotten Apples

Why is this rotten feeling inside of me whenever I'm not clouded by weed smoke?Why can't I just smile and enjoy the day without a teardrop or two drowning that possibility away?Most call it anxiety,But,Maybe it's my refusal to be myself in world that stopped inspiring me,The day my ex left me in dumpster of... Continue Reading →

There For The Wrong One

Love.Anytime I think of it,Her puffy cheeks clutter my mind.The only set I would love to punch and kiss just,One more time.But,I ruined my chances by not being patient.By choosing Mary Jane and,Other selfish desires I replaced her with…God gave me what I wanted!Yet,Became blinded by the weed smoke that still haunts me today.If only... Continue Reading →

Spilling One’s Gut 2 – Relapse

Another morning waking up doing what I did yesterday.Taking hits enduring all the pain while I circle around till I find a better way.A renegade since day one while I penetrate a state of mind keeping me in my lesser ways.They say it's impossible!They say for me to change is improbable,By being what you've been!But,All... Continue Reading →

Spilling One’s Gut 1

Lately, I haven't been able to sit and write exactly how I've wanted to. So, I thought the only to get myself back to where I was once upon a time, I should just express how I'm feeling and what's been happening. I know the next cliché phrase or questions you'd hear is, "But, where... Continue Reading →

A Sepulchre For Love

Sepulchered within a heart of stone I am.All I'd wish for in the past?Is my memory to be revived inside the mind of a woman who passed me over to the woes of abandonment.Why?So that I can ask her this… "Why'd you leave me without a hand to hold on to?You knew the circumstance I... Continue Reading →

Replacing The Soil

A heart like mine wouldn't budge for the demons rising in the name of my demise,Pumping out shot after shot from a set of fingers I write with vigilantly.I!Have jumped overboard willingly.Ties cut once choking me to death!Sick of each lie others love to wrap around my head... How they swear they'll never leave your... Continue Reading →

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