Freewrite #4: I Love Dancing, Too

Ever been so depressed where you couldn't even squeeze tooth paste out of its tube,Just because it took time away from doing absolutely nothing at all?Or,Having difficulty eating without smoking a plethora of enormous joints as big as each open wound on your ailing body?An accolade you'd hate to give those demons waltzing all across... Continue Reading →

Quick Update!

Bless World! I'm hoping everyone is smiling up at the sky even when it's not shining. I wanted to let everyone who reads my blog know that I had to take a few days off due to some tough mental battles I've been dealing with. As a loner myself, It becomes difficult to handle, so... Continue Reading →

State Of Mind

Embracing change is much more difficult than it seems. The second you'd lace your boots, Stepping out into a world where you are the recluse, You're seen as a target for being farfetched in the eyes of someone living a farce in a city all about illusions... Broadway. Skyscrapers, Lights and an avenue full of... Continue Reading →

Alone On The Seesaw

I now see what He saw back then. The seesaws that tip side to side for the right balance. Swings of Life changing every way we thought, From the last moment to the next, Only rehashing, A past most of us seek to fix. I'd know coming from a glass house cracked by drinks and... Continue Reading →

Happy Poemz

Why's it so difficult to just write a happy poem? Not one involving my tears this very moment? Who cares if I'm crying behind a curtain, No matter how much I'm hurting! I just want to soak in. A smile through a line I pray becomes true when I'm done atoning for my misdeeds... Who... Continue Reading →

Cloudy Dayz

Don't really know what to say. All I can do is wake up, Brush my teeth and pray before starting this day. As much as I would like to feel appreciated, Acceptance is my only option as flashbacks storm past my eyes while pain, Just pain, Clutters my mind... Because, I know I've made mistakes!... Continue Reading →

Holiday Carols

Within these verses, I am not certain that I will make it out alive, As I shower amongst waterfalls. A representation of how I feel in the inside... But, On the outside? Nothing but a shell of a smile worn out from years of use. Even if you think I'm handsome and try to make... Continue Reading →

Lonely Robotz In The City

Robotics make us forget we're humans full of emotions. So, We ignore them and cast out anyone who's wearing them for the moment. Because, Today's fashion is of an odd kind most of the world follows. Where grams of instant illusions matter more than what is seen on the outside, With "Self-Love" as the motto!... Continue Reading →

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