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Mirror Stains

I get so busy trying to find something,
That I forget I already found something.
A confusion making me sick with beliefs my inner child chooses not to believe.
Having no one to hold for the rest of my days,
Even if it seemed as such.
Until I realized what was in front of me for so long as I cried hoping I could once again feel the,
Human touch…
That Man trapped in a mirror I’ve ignored the more I let go everything that I love…

The poetry that is flowing deep within my veins,
Begging my fingertips to grab a pen in order to release my pain.
Books waiting to be read as my mind gets transported into different realities for the day.
Even a video game!

Reminding me of the control I have anytime anyone decides to press my buttons while I try to keep a smile on my face…

Nowadays my life is not the same as it was a few years back,
Learning the fruits of silence for a sound mind in the face of demons I’ve grown past,
My point of no return made in a moment I swore to never let another punk backstab me again!

What’s left for a Man rediscovering his identity stolen by a horrid past finally put to rest?
Only God knows while I stand up for myself and quiet down every voice in my head,
Telling me to quit while I’m still alive.
A thought I can’t fathom as for the poetry my heart cries I’d,


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