Cloudy Dayz

Don't really know what to say. All I can do is wake up, Brush my teeth and pray before starting this day. As much as I would like to feel appreciated, Acceptance is my only option as flashbacks storm past my eyes while pain, Just pain, Clutters my mind... Because, I know I've made mistakes!... Continue Reading →

That Toxic Ex Girlfriend

Trust me when I say I love you, Baby, Please don't cry. Had to take you out that room full of Ice! And, Show you what a different life looks like by, Letting you go... And, Watching you flow... Past, This dark place I was sinking in to... Yes, I see the tears, But, It's... Continue Reading →


Was it me? Did I leave, Subconsciously?... Did you see? That I bled, A part of me? In your arms I seek! When I'm harmed, By the thought, Of your loss in my reality... Well, Forget it, I'm through! Back to screwing in my screws, Loose! While trying to find you. While my mind's blue,... Continue Reading →

Smell Of Hard Work

"Look at those Jordans! Mad dirty!" "Haha, They even have holes in them, They're cooked!" ... Voices within my mind tend to manifest through the vocal cords of guilty bystanders. Demons who frolic in the name of wear and tears involuntarily shown as I master! My patience... The kind of patience where I take my... Continue Reading →

What Are Bars To You?

What are bars to me? My canvas painted with scars to see. My mind's body from limb to limb, To tell my story from every part of me... It's a place of freedom whenever I feel captive, Ironically... It isn't a place just for blacks and latinos, But a sanctuary to leave our marks wherever... Continue Reading →

Isn’t it? You Know It Is!

Why rise from slumber and whinge at Society's general follies? Is the question. Yet, A person like me? Hard-headed even after breaking out of his long-time, Corrugate shell of reticence, Discovers that to be strenuous. Spending laborious amounts of time relaxing my nerves after involuntarily witnessing any kind of ignorance. Ridiculing myself over and over... Continue Reading →

Basking In The Breeze

Insane! How someone would gladly throw out garbage with no mask, yet immediately put it back on when sighting another Human they've never seen before in this day and age. Fearless in the face of bacteria and microbes unbeknownst to the Trash Bag Holder. Aghast when crossing paths with another person who may be just... Continue Reading →

Evicted From The Clan

Waking up, First thing, Bright and early? It looks like it will surely be a beautiful day! Sitting next to my window, Smoking on endo while I pray. Sipping on some tea, Alleviating me of my pain... Why can't it Be, This good? Every morning I'm standing, Weak? From this family happily handing me plenty... Continue Reading →

Leaving It Behind Us

Leaves fall, But, Grow back eventually. Kind of like us. Taking a few steps back to leap forward even higher than where we were at originally, Leaving behind bits and pieces of ourselves, What we used to be. Doing whatever is necessary to change... Because, No matter how many leaves fall, Our trunks are set... Continue Reading →

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