Letterz From A Monster, Pt. 2: A Simple Roar

Many stare at you with lapidary pupils when you’re able to provide more than a hug or kiss on the cheek. They adore you while fascinated by your every move. Sooner or later, you become an example of success in the crying eyes of a dream-chaser. But, what happens when you are muddied by a... Continue Reading →

Letterz From A Monster, Pt.1

Dear Universe, Can a monster ever be cured of what feels like an everlasting disease? The kind of disease most run towards when held against their will. You know, Anger... I believe so. Because, no matter how angry I've been, it dwindles into a sigh the second I get a grip and remind myself how... Continue Reading →

Isn’t He Lovely?

“This is my wonderful son!” No,It’s always been more like,Yea,“That’s” my “son” alright… Not one single ounce of love,Just,A pure disgust for the monster they created… Let’s face it!Human I am not as I trot through land like a nomad looking for a warm place in,Such a cold world that left me shackled in a... Continue Reading →

Reflection Of A Natural Born Monster

Another Day time reflection while I wake feeling blessed with prosperity. Although I walk past debris crowded our desolate streets, Loneliness isn't what I thought was making me weep, After all. Something I noticed when I chose to be at peace when I refused to bawl, At Life's whips and lashes... Those belts and wires... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Suicidez

Ever wake from a nightmare and forget who you were in the first place? Mind so blank while you second all the voices compelling you to immerse Pain, Into every single nerve urging you to write an escape? As a writer not afraid! To reveal his wounds and drown the masses in Blood dripping from... Continue Reading →

Revenge, Sweeter Than Juice…

Am I suicidal at the moment? Or, Is the Lion inside seeking reprisal, For locking him away? I was only trying to prevent self-inflicted pain, But, Nowadays, A garden floriferous with Roses seems fitting, As more thoughts of happiness dies...

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