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A Monster No One Likes – Freewrite #37

                Many days I wake up immediately wondering why I did. Wondering why God reminds me every single time how those delightful thoughts running through my mind during my slumber are just, dreams. But, epiphanies strike just in the nick of time, right before I have an inevitable meltdown only my inner demons can witness. Bombshells the angel on my left shoulder is keen to erupt inside of my head, blasting away those demons who dare scratch and claw their way out of a wall of peace I’ve had to board up when closing my eyes…

                “Everything is okay. You’re alive with each one of your limbs intact and you’re as handsome as ever!”
                The Voice in my mind loves to tell me. And, for some reason I tend to believe it more often nowadays, even if I’ve felt detached from all corners of my mere existence regarding my current situation. Giving me the power to uplift myself out of an abyss of crap ‘schwag’ and thoughts dirtier than a kitchen sink where soap itself is afraid to hang around.

                Yet, although I battle and gather my winnings more consistently today along help from a Voice that has never left my side, I’m still human. A human who desires another’s touch just like everybody else. But, just like that third or fourth Crunch bar you’d love to inhale after endless doses of insults thrown towards your way daily, it’s a thought I’ve had to put away until further notice…


Hey y’all :). I hope you enjoyed reading these thoughts I felt like sharing. Just really wanted to remind everyone reading this that you are not a monster. You’re a human with a heart in need of love like any other. Love you deserve to have no matter the circumstance. After all, love is the only solution in the world we live in. Love in its most unconditional state where we give each other room to be ourselves without fear of judgment. I truly love you and hope you have a wonderful day! ❤

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