Letterz From A Monster, Pt.1

Dear Universe,

Can a monster ever be cured of what feels like an everlasting disease? The kind of disease most run towards when held against their will. You know, Anger…

I believe so. Because, no matter how angry I’ve been, it dwindles into a sigh the second I get a grip and remind myself how beautiful a rose is. How I rather hold one rather than have it dropped on top of my casket…

I just, can’t help but feel like trees die after I walk past them. Once I smile, I catch myself as if I was my own burglar and immediately turn it into a frown. Why? A question I wish I knew the answer to…

Never do I mean to let my demons steal my happiness and peace. But, Mary Jane is so enticing. Somehow convincing me that I’m stronger whenever I let my fangs out. Yet, she couldn’t be anynore wrong…

Till next time,
Melodic ❤

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