Side Eyez

Supercilious side-eyes are given towards my person throughout the city. I do not know why, But I digress... Because, aren't we all bags of flesh carrying scars we decide to show only when someone has a hand inside? Intransigent I become when it feels as if I'm preyed upon by decrepit souls worn out by... Continue Reading →

Cloudy Dayz

Don't really know what to say. All I can do is wake up, Brush my teeth and pray before starting this day. As much as I would like to feel appreciated, Acceptance is my only option as flashbacks storm past my eyes while pain, Just pain, Clutters my mind... Because, I know I've made mistakes!... Continue Reading →

Bernardo’s Mind: Interlude

"Inflicted by drug addiction, I, Can tell who's walking all around the city with cloudy vision. I, Can sense when a soul is surrounded by white girls with their panties missing. I, Can see who's game and playing their cards right or taking shots at a gamble without thinking it through... But, What about that... Continue Reading →

What Are Bars To You?

What are bars to me? My canvas painted with scars to see. My mind's body from limb to limb, To tell my story from every part of me... It's a place of freedom whenever I feel captive, Ironically... It isn't a place just for blacks and latinos, But a sanctuary to leave our marks wherever... Continue Reading →

Like Even Stevens (Written In 2018)

I need a break from insanity. Make reservations with a woman called Vanity. Why self destruct under constructs created by my own pain? Whenever I don't pay my inner child any ounce of attention, While driving on a road to ascension, Redemption, Whatever anybody wants to name it... I thought I was only human, Losing... Continue Reading →

Isn’t it? You Know It Is!

Why rise from slumber and whinge at Society's general follies? Is the question. Yet, A person like me? Hard-headed even after breaking out of his long-time, Corrugate shell of reticence, Discovers that to be strenuous. Spending laborious amounts of time relaxing my nerves after involuntarily witnessing any kind of ignorance. Ridiculing myself over and over... Continue Reading →

State Of Affairs

"Mami! Climbing on this thing is fun!" "What the hell is your damn problem!? Stop it right the fuck now!..." Everyone in the area immediately turned around, Startled and probably wondering, How? How can you possibly yell at a sweet child just, Grinning and shuffling feet circling a Mother squared by misbegotten anger as she... Continue Reading →

Putting Two & Two Together

*Side Note!* Hey y'all 😄, I wanted to share a piece I wrote for one of my auditions at the Apollo (in which I was definitely denied lol). But, it brings back good ole' memories and a much needed reminder of how life and attitudes change. I'm just grateful to be in a frame of... Continue Reading →

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