Reflection Of A Natural Born Monster

Another Day time reflection while I wake feeling blessed with prosperity. Although I walk past debris crowded our desolate streets, Loneliness isn't what I thought was making me weep, After all. Something I noticed when I chose to be at peace when I refused to bawl, At Life's whips and lashes... Those belts and wires... Continue Reading →


It's one of those mornings where I kind of have to apologize for not having so many words. At this moment? I just really feel hurt. And, All I can ask myself is, Does any human in this world love me. For me? And nothing else...

4 Eyes Meanz More Sight

I get it. I look a bit innocent. Nerdy, Geeky to a degree with a love for anime on TV. But, You'd be surprised with how good I'd slide my palms on those sweet thighs, And have you riding on a high that'll make you rethink life... Since, You haven't been so happy. Yet, I... Continue Reading →

Everything’z cool

Moving this beside you. Cruising past the sky to, Ruin this disguise you, Wear at all the places we were going with a rifle. Ready for whatever came to fight us as we sliced dudes. Right before I started catching on to all the lies you, Dared to serenade my soul with... I can't believe... Continue Reading →

A Nerd & I Know It

Knowing you're an outcast for X amount of reasons, At times, You add up every moment you've chosen to lay defeated. Wondering why others cast you out from any chance of love as you empty this, Safe Haven inside of your beating heart, Your demons disguise as a dark abyss when you reach for our... Continue Reading →

Universal Lawz

What is an open mind, If you do not allow freedom of thought to happily swim through your ear drums? Opinions vary in a melting pot of unrest, As most of us walk wounded. A chain of pain rooted, From within our own vicious circles... "I want to be a singer, Or a painter!" "But,... Continue Reading →

Time To Go Shoppin’ Again

Driven to the edge, When steering past a big bump on the road. Spiralling all over until I notice the gas tank in my car is about to explode. I try to come to a stop... But, My seatbelt had me in a slipknot while I went for broke. Punching the glass, Windows I've had,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry, I Love Me

If I'm a piece of shit in your eyes, Then I must be the piece gathered on the tissue you use to wipe. Most men and women end their nights with a vice. Yet, I'm still looked down upon because I'm blunt and choose to get high? Being with anyone has come at a price,... Continue Reading →

Sour Patch Men

Spit the kind of bars where the whole room will wine. Inside of a glass house I'm breaking through with lines, Punches you could not avoid as I bruise your eyes. With all the fruits of life. Food from thy, While I move in stride. I choose to die! In the name of every poem... Continue Reading →

Rappin’ 4 Survival

The Dean of this class full of monsters I'm schooling, When I'm loading up a big Winchester I'm shooting, Up to a sky, So illusive when you're trapped in the bottom of a Croc pool... This... Life of mine, Where I drown inside, Of my own tears... Is so clear, When I show mere glimpses,... Continue Reading →

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