Freewrite #27: A Rhyme & A Reason

Let’s face it,
They’re dying inside!
We’re here silent and patient while they shout and cry…

Never do we wish harm on those that prayed to harm us.
If we did,
We wouldn’t be free!
Nor the best at what we do,

We may not party,
There’s a reason why we stay behind,
Away from a group we’ll eventually end up sparring!
We are what they fight against.
A Man in line with his Spirit instead of lying in front of mirrors steadily surrounding him!

Spending much time accounting for the flaws we were blessed with,
They get busy checking for what’s behind a curtain they are not allowed to mess with.
What we do is not for show,
We don’t play when we’re drafting a proper message!
What fake wouldn’t want to copy all that’s genuine and prophetic?
Masters just,
Pay a price most of our world believes to be too expensive!
Saving ourselves through a lot of change is a top priority for us!
While theirs?
So pathetic.
We don’t mean to judge!
Hardening within a mold is something not to be respected.
We were told to be like water,
Instead of drowning in an ocean all of our demons manifested…

Lighten up!
Will you?
Staying silent as you unwind and enjoy a vibe is not going to kill you…
Reigniting thoughts of suicide inside a mind residing in the present time will do!
It’s what they want us to think about ourselves while we sit alone and get a thrill through,
A rhyme.
A reason…

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