Freewrite #28: Who Am I, Really?

A writer and a rider,
As well as a lifer.
Living life through a sentence formulated into bars I stand behind of.
It’s all I’ve had while imprisoned for being myself in a world full of lies,
It’s what makes me happy!
Makes me feel whole.
Gave me a reason to live while everybody ditched me for being bold!
Sticking to the Sword God handed me before I,
Landed in a hole…

From digging too deep in the crates of Budweisers.
Having hope for the Humans surrounding me to respect this Lion!
Most unfortunate of all,
Sticking to a whole pack prideful enough to reject others who are not like them…

Rising out of perdition,
No longer concerned with this prison,
We all call America!
Even as it crumbles right before a plethora of eyes suffering from everything they put in front of what is already blurry vision…

A Poet!
Of the word for eternity.
Allowing me to see what is real,
All the way up to the third degree.
Providing me a shield blocking every hit once hurting me.
There is nothing anyone can do!
As I’ve found and accepted who I truly Am on an Earth ridding me!
Of every last demon trying to claw back into my mind…

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