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Artificial Realitiez

Difficult it is to be a person of your own,
Refusing to follow trending thought rowing along the City’s stream of waning consciousness.
A conscious we so willingly give up to the wires and grips of Artificial Intelligence as our escape!
From our current realities.
If you look past your horizon,
Tilt your head a few degrees upward facing a sky as blue as you make it to be,
You can see that the Sun shines.
You can feel it’s warm embrace your skin with its confidence,
Bravery and summery love until every ounce of darkness within your ailing heart fades away…

Difficult it is,
To be a person of your own?
A blessing only you can give yourself by closing your eyes,
Accepting what was made as our paragon of inner peace.
That beautiful person you get to witness each moment you rise from a dream foretold by,
Which side you decide to follow…

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