Freewrite #10: Tired Eyez

Never seek validation.Rather give palpitations,To the "pals" I've embraced in a town where the Faceless,Have a voice used to trick the Nation,Like they did to me!While I stood in amazement... Already forsaken!Since the day I started making,Drinks over phone calls just to see another faking that smile while laced with,Intent they don't intend to show... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #9: Rightfully So

So tense when you wake up over everything that was made up...While they go ahead and lie?You're lying down and writing out your life!As you rightfully should... Not a single fervent wish flowing through your veins even as a young scholar.So good with your words,You electrify the demons trying so hard to solder themselves on... Continue Reading →

Fashionz Of The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth. Never amazed by anyone who takes after it, The sacrilege, Disasters in the mind of another plastered in, The walls they've built, Running from the truth everyone thought they'd fill their voids with. Instead? Given no choice but to get wired into the Maze we were never meant to figure out... Survival of... Continue Reading →

I Am

I am! Everything in my mind, From the moment I spit rhymes, Correlating with life, Given to me by powers that Be! As I try my best to stay in line... A writer I am till the day that I die! Never a rapper with jewels in his eye. Just, A man seeking to clean... Continue Reading →

Fork Road

Going straight? There arent any shortcuts. When you get to that lobby, There's a receptionist, Along with security invested in disallowing anyone that isn't for them. Yes! How lovely it'll be, To barge in and claim to be the owner of an Industry, You have no credentials in regardless of your countless years of independent... Continue Reading →

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