I Am

I am!
Everything in my mind,
From the moment I spit rhymes,
Correlating with life,
Given to me by powers that Be!
As I try my best to stay in line…

A writer I am till the day that I die!
Never a rapper with jewels in his eye.
A man seeking to clean a slate dirtied by lies,
A drink every night,
A blunt to get me high!

Nothing is worse than living a lie behind a screen,
Whether it be smoke!
Another one of your acts of pride!
Social media posts looking for views and a like,
Instead of changing your view and those around who are not alike…

I would never waste time and wonder why.
Just think about the sole in a pair of shoes and get confused as to what’s inside,
Remind myself of everyone of those nights,
How alone I was by emulating a life that simply wasn’t mine…

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