Just, A Feeling…

I've been a bad person for the last several years,But,I'm not ashamed to admit it.Because,I'm committed to becoming a better person before I cease to exist in,This beautiful life I was given… Yet,I always peg myself with the question:Why am I alive when I could die right!Now…And,Nobody would know until my body is found… Still,Never... Continue Reading →

No Reason To Hide

Masks.Seems fitting for some.Particularly those who have something to hide and run from.Others are forced to wear a mask while "Those" feel the need to wear one.And,It's much more sickening than disease itself.Because,Most of us have lived with the risk of dying ever since our birth was dealt,To a vessel we are responsible to upkeep... Continue Reading →

I Am

I am! Everything in my mind, From the moment I spit rhymes, Correlating with life, Given to me by powers that Be! As I try my best to stay in line... A writer I am till the day that I die! Never a rapper with jewels in his eye. Just, A man seeking to clean... Continue Reading →

Mean Green Machine

What is true to you, May not be true to me. What you see may be solid, Physically. What I see? Is too abstract for one to manifest in their own reality. The insanity of sitting down and writing for hours on end? Equates to every goal I achieve as I reach the next step... Continue Reading →

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