White Liez Made In The Dark

Who knows what the truth is in a world made of white lies darker than what you can imagine.
I’m not referring to the different kinds of skin color we all have!
Is much deeper than a squabble often learned as a baby being lifted by the wrong hands in,
A home God wanted us to survive…

Don’t surmise what I really mean,
Moments like these,
Where I’m blinded by some trees,
I don’t even know what I’m saying!
As I figure out the answer to a puzzle I’ve been fussing with for far too long…

Ignominy suffered after breaking free from a crumbling mold to save bits!
Of ourselves left from a heartbreak we could not avoid,
When rejected by those you love!

Seems like everyone I’ve once loved,
Hates the site of a Man they no longer know.
I like it that way!
I rather be alone.
Most stand underneath a shadow of all they wish to be!
Not one they stand above as they were meant to see.
That shadow where they conjure every lie used to pocket more jewels,
More clothes,
More money!

I’m screaming,
“Hate me all you want!
A lie?
I’m not living like the rest.”
Every line I’ve thrown out while stressed?
Is the fishing rod I use to pull out truths from underneath my bed…
Being that the only thing i’m ever sure of is the ocean of my tears I yearn to swim in with a smile,
Till the day that I’m dead…

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