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Won’t Get The Best Of Me

I think we’ve all been bamboozled before. Deceived one way or another over secrets one keeps to themselves or to gain what God doesn’t want them to have. That deceit originates from fear it self.

What possible reason is there to trick someone when there rarely is no positive outcome after losing another’s trust? Why deceive if they weren’t scared of certain consequences inevitable within a Universe of Balance? Fear. That flow of hysteria coursing through your veins when facing everything causing your implosion from the core of your subconscious…

Yet, it’s common to be afraid of what can hurt us unless your heart’s gone numb fron excruciating pain you’ve refused to mend for reasons only God knows. Fear, depending on how you’ve first felt its venom, whether you took a dab from someone’s open jar or felt a snake bite hungry for your rotting flesh, will judge how well you handle its spicy kick.

Honestly, is it a means to collapse into a miserable defeat? Feel any kind of anguish over being afraid? My soul says otherwise, even if my heart can be doubtful at times. So easy it is to cower after being love struck by trauma part of you doesn’t want to let go. Trauma that can only be healed by releasing that fear of confronting those memories more beautiful than what you believe them to be. Because, if it wasn’t for those moments of terror, heartbreak, doubt, merciless wrath, would you be where you are today? Would the beauty you’ve blossomed have flowered if your life wasn’t seeded and soiled the way it has been?…

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