Side Eyez

Supercilious side-eyes are given towards my person throughout the city. I do not know why, But I digress... Because, aren't we all bags of flesh carrying scars we decide to show only when someone has a hand inside? Intransigent I become when it feels as if I'm preyed upon by decrepit souls worn out by... Continue Reading →

Better Dayz

Rivaled only by reflections I'm blessed to see. Disciple of the Word in which we speak to be Truth within realities, Setting most of us apart. A student of life for eternity until Death do us part! Even if Rebirth is what's next. Aren't I already dead the moment I lay asleep, Conjuring another world... Continue Reading →

Isn’t it? You Know It Is!

Why rise from slumber and whinge at Society's general follies? Is the question. Yet, A person like me? Hard-headed even after breaking out of his long-time, Corrugate shell of reticence, Discovers that to be strenuous. Spending laborious amounts of time relaxing my nerves after involuntarily witnessing any kind of ignorance. Ridiculing myself over and over... Continue Reading →

Basking In The Breeze

Insane! How someone would gladly throw out garbage with no mask, yet immediately put it back on when sighting another Human they've never seen before in this day and age. Fearless in the face of bacteria and microbes unbeknownst to the Trash Bag Holder. Aghast when crossing paths with another person who may be just... Continue Reading →

City Bandits

Another day, Another body slumped by a loaded trey. Whether it's mess of shells cracked open by a trigger, Or food from a sea of dead fish puffing poison your way, While the bamboozled drink and eat off of leaky chalices and brittle plates... Will I die today? Is the question that we ask in... Continue Reading →

Scattered Brainz

Thoughts scattered all around the place, Puzzled. Pieces of my freedom spread out on a sidewalk while thrashed on a curb. My weary feet soaking in the sting from hot concrete after a day's exhaustion from work... A place to sleep? Now, Lies within a dream. From the lies that were on repeat. From those... Continue Reading →

Just, Pray

Kind of feels like Human love in this day & age is artificially flavored just like a big ole' sugary packet of Sourpatch Kids, doesn't it? A concrete jungle where every step is bittersweet as you witness one tragedy after another. Whether it be a Pigeon who had lost its legs, no longer able to... Continue Reading →

The Quarantined

Drinks up! Isolation at it finest, While you think of... While you think of... While you think of... Another way out the cage you were built from, But, Old habits like to make their way back into the mind of a man gone mad. Pure in his ways when he splits you with a long... Continue Reading →

Sweet Dreamz

The other night, I had the pleasure of holding her. How dreamy, She is. I can't help but lay her on my chest, While my lips caress her cheeks for a bit. My favorite part about her... Staring into the clouds past twilight, As quiet as the calm before a storm, On a central park... Continue Reading →

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