False World (False Prophet Freestyle)

Nothing really matters anymore, In a City war-torn from all the trauma it doesn't want to deal with anymore. So, When I walk down the block on Broadway, For some Chicharron you can see at Mambi's cooking all day, I shake my head at everybody putting up an act, After being called to "action"... But,... Continue Reading →

A South Bronx Lie

Vanilla skies while driving through the Highway. Crossbronx. An express way right into the darkest Cave I have ever known to exist after suffering an onslaught, Of whips, Fists, And lips opening for loaded tongues rolling shots towards you, Off the tip... Bullets fired from the tip of the morning. Father missing, His presence? I've... Continue Reading →

Featherbed Lane

Who care's about what barbershops got to say,When my head is on the line,I cut deep and watch a lot of you fade away,With a bar I raise,Or,The scars I paint in sentences I've been sentenced with...Incentives rip through the mind of a fiend dependant on the cynics sick!Of 'dope' dreams...I thought mine were as... Continue Reading →

There’z A Bulb Inside Of That Abyss

I have a crepuscular soul, Some would say. Dim, By so many natures. Yet, Light is still seen within every corner of my Horizon... Most lay imprisoned within their own Darkness. Whether or not they call it New York City, A concrete jungle, Or, Their own hearts and minds... I. Just. Refuse to do so.... Continue Reading →

Religiously ConfuZed…

"And now we bow our heads and pray..." "Amen..." Funny how I just walked past the preacher man, With my head already down. I don't understand, Most likely never will. It isn't in my will to fall to my knees, Especially, When the Pastor's busy touching kids behind the scenes... It's not really my type... Continue Reading →

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