Freewrite #9: Rightfully So

So tense when you wake up over everything that was made up…
While they go ahead and lie?
You’re lying down and writing out your life!
As you rightfully should…

Not a single fervent wish flowing through your veins even as a young scholar.
So good with your words,
You electrify the demons trying so hard to solder themselves on a circuit board,
Where only light is allowed to frolic!
Wire to wire,
It’s murder for hire,
When given the moment to process a Light,
You were gifted to smite them off and stay vibrant…
Full of passion when needed,

Regardless of each attempt to knock you down?
Here you are,
Alive and well after spending so much time with your head dipped inside a wishing well,
Picking up pennies you’ve already thrown inside years ago,
Just to make a wish you would belch!
With nothing but agony…

You already know what to do no matter what is happening.
Grab a pen and piece of paper anytime your demons start attacking thee.
Be yourself,
Write a punchline until they doze off,
Same way you used to get in line to get spiked off of alcohol inaugurating more and more tragedies.
Stand on your own two feet without ever caring for what anybody thinks of anything you do,

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