Home Improvement

So enchanting,
Her glowing eyes.
A thief on a getaway,
She is,
Every time She steals my heart and encases it with her love…

At least,
It’s what I like to imagine on an off day.
My potential wife whom I plan on giving the Universe to.
What else matters in a life that can only progress through the strength of Unity?
As I build my strongest foundation of Peace possible,
One questions seems to rise the minute sweat begins to trickle down my cheek.
After a 5 mile walk under the hot Sun,
In a city burdened by wandering souls burnt by their own fervent wishes I ask God,
“If we don’t have each others’ backs,
Who else will?…”

For me?
It’s who I am destined to forever live in harmony with.
I’ve had friends,
Family for the worse and for the best,
They all left…
Out of everyone who walks the face of our gorgeous Earth,
I just know She will…

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