Freewrite #8: Freshly Squeezed

All an exhausted man wanted that moment was a medium sized drink.
No sugar.
And some freshly squeezed orange juice.
Took a look at the menu inside the café and noticed it was 7 bucks to create my own to boot.
The Cashier looked at me and said,
“$12 dollars!”
While handing him a $20 bill,
I was just so confused…

I asked him why it was more than it was advertised.
Told me I wanted a cup of OJ along with a smoothie!
As I had a slight pause in my mind.
Murmured in the inside,
If I said I wanted some OJ along with a smoothie,
I would’ve ask for some OJ and a smoothie at the same time.
I only remember ordering a smoothie with some OJ combined!
What is this silly game being played while I’m starving and thirsty out of my damn mind?…”

The twenty was taken back,
Put into a wallet I have had for the last 9 years.
Reminding me of a period where I didn’t have a problem pronouncing words without coming to tears.
When you’re dealing with internal hardships your loved ones don’t even care to sit and hear about?
It’s so strenuous to smile up at our prepossessing clouds!
For a brighter day when you’re having trouble being understood,
Due to all the years you’ve hid inside an adumbral cave of anguish you yearn to escape,
Before it’s too late to even utter another word to date…

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