Freewrite #7: Throwbacks Are Cool, Sometimes

Nothing seems better than a throwback.
Good ole’ nostalgia that makes you go back in time,
In a mind conjuring its next happy moment.
When all around you keeps crumbling while trapped by others with ulterior motives,
I tend to think of one smile,
One laugh,
Both coming from a voice that once drove me mad.
She’s gone…

I look at another woman grin and see the world of opportunities I prevent myself from experiencing.
How possible it is,
To encounter that Angel I keep inside of my tunnel vision.
Instead of painting the same image on a canvas with too many errors,
I began searching for a difference.
Within a heart I’ve trapped in a vortex of pain I used to swirl around and drink in.
Dance and shout until the moment I began sinking,
To a Rock Bottom saturated in Darkness I’ve been soaked in too many damn times to count…

Finally free!
From the thought of another hurting me without being present.
From the thought of another who began undermining my existence,
After years of helping her raise the confidence she needed so that she can be relentless!
From an office,
To a dance floor,
Versus any one who wouldn’t get the message!
How she was here to be the best she could be,
Even if it outshined me when I stepped in front of a mic…

A mic I stepped to with a better future in sight.
The only home I’ve been to where I feel worthy of another chance in life.
The one place I strive to live better for,
And finally see my own face without tears falling from my tired eyes…

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