Freewrite #6: The Milk We Use

Do we really care about each other?
When we step outside into a world where most souls cry acid tears,
Do we care about every drop singing through the happiness of another?
Seems like we can care less,
As if negligence was what we poured into our cereal bowls top of the morning,
While on your last few scoops of whatever drug you use to wake up your exhausted mind…

The more exhausted your mind becomes,
The more Tranquility is an encumbrance.
The more your own eyes hinder your ability to see a better day…

Sad part is,
Most of the time?
I notice how we tire each other by leaving footprints of entitlement on the cheeks of our Brethren.
Canceling one another out until there is nothing left,
The thoughts and beliefs of Masters forced upon us anywhere you go.
Trammels of life you’d never want to get squeezed by,
Like that one orange you’d rather bite into to taste every bit of its saccharine delight…

Do we really care about each other?
A question I find myself asking too many times to count.
Does it even matter in the first place?
If you’re on that side of a fence where you’re inclined to smile in the face of adversity,
Shouldn’t your only concern be how you react to the folly of a soul lost in the winds of a city going up in smoke…

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