Ugly Duckling

I see her smile rise from cheek to cheek and think of how distinct I am from the world around me... How I've always been a geek, Yet, Addicted to the street. Never any time to focus on my own smile to attract my "well-deserved" queen... Or, Do I even deserve one? With the surplus... Continue Reading →

Amour Bon Gre

Relationships, At times, Are just a headache. I don't want to sit, Face to face and explain my set ways as segue for her to decide if I am one she'll let stay. I don't want to sit and have fits with a woman who'd wear out the person I am, Hoping I'd change and... Continue Reading →


Was it me? Did I leave, Subconsciously?... Did you see? That I bled, A part of me? In your arms I seek! When I'm harmed, By the thought, Of your loss in my reality... Well, Forget it, I'm through! Back to screwing in my screws, Loose! While trying to find you. While my mind's blue,... Continue Reading →


Lust, And all of its afflictions? Tasted like warheads when I was low on everything sweet. Lust is like, The sweet apple pie I'm dying to dig in to, Even though there's a note saying that it's not for me. It's why I rather love! And bask in it while wrapped in the only set... Continue Reading →

Sweetest Love I’ve Known

Could only imagine how it's like indulging on herl love in all kinds of ways. Not just sex, But, Simply inside of her embrace. How sweet it was, Still making my heart race till this day. Yet, It's a race I don't mind losing... Because, If it's meant to be? Then, It's meant to be.... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Dear…

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear..." That's typically where the tears come in, Unable to finish the lyric, Neither lip in sync with a sentence intended to celebrate a picture with me in it. Maybe it's because I'm the only you will ever hear singing it, Anytime the date of... Continue Reading →

Wet Cake

Watching you convulse under the tip of my tongue is a sight for sore eyes,As magical as stars glowing bright amongst love under mistletoes...Making your toes curl while your mind blows,Is a feeling that is not replaceable.My white chocolate,More than a piece of wet cake as I'm prompted to lick every last drop of your,Sweet... Continue Reading →

Love? Or, Luv?

Love! So powerful, Dumb decisions are made with a smile. Like, Going back into soft arms that once crushed a heart you worked so hard to keep from breaking. As if that tear straight down its middle never happened. As if it's impossible for them to repeat the same actions. Whether their demons influenced them... Continue Reading →

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