Freewrite #8: Freshly Squeezed

All an exhausted man wanted that moment was a medium sized drink.Spinach.Kale.Blueberries.Banana.Honey.Cinnamon.No sugar.And some freshly squeezed orange juice.Took a look at the menu inside the café and noticed it was 7 bucks to create my own to boot. The Cashier looked at me and said,"$12 dollars!"And,While handing him a $20 bill,I was just so confused...... Continue Reading →

Sober Kid In The Party

Sobriety is weird. Hard to get used to after years with a desk stacked with beers and liquor, Anytime a tear raced down the corners of my eyes. I can see why many lie in fear when our feelings storm around inside. Clearer than before, Now that all the rain on my side stopped pouring... Continue Reading →

I Owe Nothing

You can look, But, Can't touch when I'm entering the Room. That opportunity was lost, After cutting me loose! Should've thought about the cost while I was trying to change at the price of what I had to lose. Now? I'm here riding past oceans as blue! As your misery... Configuring myself to what I... Continue Reading →

Moving On, Yea?

She meant the entire Universe and back to him. A woman more stunning than plethoras of wet roses struck by such an eye-catching glare while flowing to the winds of serenity. Winds of serenity she made him feel through his lungs whenever her lips pressed against his. And, All he can think about is how... Continue Reading →

Sour Patch Men

Spit the kind of bars where the whole room will wine. Inside of a glass house I'm breaking through with lines, Punches you could not avoid as I bruise your eyes. With all the fruits of life. Food from thy, While I move in stride. I choose to die! In the name of every poem... Continue Reading →

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