I Owe Nothing

You can look,
Can’t touch when I’m entering the Room.
That opportunity was lost,
After cutting me loose!
Should’ve thought about the cost while I was trying to change at the price of what I had to lose.
I’m here riding past oceans as blue!
As your misery…

Configuring myself to what I need to Be,
Not a con trying to figure out how to swindle me.
We can work it out without trying to take a piece,
Of what I worked for with only one person in my corner…

Is kind of how I feel at the moment while I form a line out of torcher.
Twisted in the head!
Was the label I was given all along the border,
Of a picture full of people my inner child likes to refer to as the Former.
There’s no wonder why He’d rather be a mourner,
As I put their memory to rest…

It can either be comedy or comity at best.
Funny thing,
I just sound the same as them!
Tripping on my own flaws fussing over their regrets,
And their guilt showing through the mess I’m left to deal with,
When I’m only trying write every wrong I’ve committed…

An escape to a world where I’m smitten by the rhythm I am given by Divinity,
Ridding me of every demon pillaging my Temple by triggering,
Both of my palms to reach for another barrel full of shots that were killing me!

Stop filling me with bullshit!
Is what I’m screaming internally.
Refurbishing a body parting ways from a mold hurting me.
Taking back a life I was blessed with,
Straight burglary!
On a getaway to the end of my road,
Until the entire world has heard of me!
Sharing pieces of myself with others that won’t hurdle me,
With points made through a knife that could’ve murdered me…


I hope all of y’all doing amazing! If you ever wonder why I rhyme a lot, I jist have a love for rapping the same way we have to brush our teeth. I grew up on hip hop while in the South Bronx hearing rappers like Krs One and Rakim from the 80’s and 90’s. Please enjoy and stay beautiful ❤

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