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High Like Dovez In The Sky

Rising from the inner depths of His Dream World,
Once again,
A pigeon,
All white with eyes as black as night!
Pierced through His wounded soul with a riveting gaze making Him feel,
As it landed subtly on the outside of His window sill…

Is all He could ask that Pigeon,
All white with eyes as black as night!
While reminded of the Death of Its brethren…

Never did He expect to dream and come across a dead Bird,
With its wings spread out as if it were about to fly any second,
As His clock ticked slower than ever before…
An epiphany clicked within his mind as the Pigeon,
All white with eyes as black as night!
Gently flapped a feather to His lap as He stared back…

Not a single time did She cross his mind.
A first!
Regardless of his endless attempts to forget about ‘the one that got away’ for the past three years.
Blessed with a sigh of relief as I stare into Its eyes,
Full of Darkness It syphoned away from my bleeding heart…
Revealing how I,
Myself can coat my life with a Light shimmering all around my atmosphere…

Holding It’s feather,
His life became a bit clearer realizing what it was meant for.
For Him to sway it back and fourth until His feet soared,
And soared!…
Into a reality he chose to paint with a Quill as fresh as His own rebirth…

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