Sour Patch Men

Spit the kind of bars where the whole room will wine.
Inside of a glass house I’m breaking through with lines,
Punches you could not avoid as I bruise your eyes.
With all the fruits of life.
Food from thy,
While I move in stride.
I choose to die!
In the name of every poem where I lose my mind,
And choose to rhyme,
While I let loose a lie…

Of how I’m happy,
Just because.
Been a mere mortal others can’t love enough,
Until they see my scars,
More hideous than the guns we bust.
Bullet holes leaking blood,
Streets dug out for another body looking for another shiny diamond,
And some drugs we crush…

No choice but to smile while I’m high and a bit idle.
Only movement coming from my body?
Right palm allowing me to puff smoke that’ll run for miles.
As I write Psalms in my own words,
And keep the S from my chest on a page shining light on an Idol,
I so desperately pray to before I con myself with a vile,
Of Crack,
Or anything too ‘dope’ to be true since many live a shady lifestyle…

I handle bars like a savage by cycling past this,
Single road block in my mind of harvesting diamonds in my hands in,
While I triple my thoughts of success,
Instead of running home when pressured by any kind of madness…

Our state of mind can undergo a crisis so tragic.
Where we’re blind to our major flaws for a minor kick out of our bad habits.
Addicted to attention?
Some of us are,
While trying to live lavish.
Going crazy once the brightness from our jewelery is blocked by the demons that become readily apparent.
And what happens?
Selfishness is fathered while you lay back on a couch with a drink keeping you distracted…

How do you break free from a delirium full of sadness?
When the thing you truly want lies in a bed next to another man?
She is with the thought of my absence…

A question too difficult to answer while present on a plane of existence others can’t comprehend.
Where I choose to fly with my inner child,
Side by side,
While high on some pot we fetch.
Nothing else matters while I decide to love myself more by looking up to God,
Rejecting all that’s killing me faster…
All I’ve ever wanted was a love so sweet,
And it was ruined by the bitterness in my character.
It’s time to throw the drink away and see a light within myself,
To live happily ever after…
Regardless of any obstacle laid in front of a pair of feet once plastered,
Within Hatred for the man I’ve become…

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