Final Flashez

Hot flashes consume my entire being,
Once the last drop of Budweiser,
Flies down to my lower bowels.
Another blunt is rolled.
Lit by thoughts of freedom from this Jail Cell I housed myself in…

Although nauseated.
The thought of Earth and how luscious its Roses are have confiscated,
That fear of Pain in my body that’s been complicated for way too long!…

Glaring at my limbs,
I scream,
“Go ahead and keep aching!”
I will keep pounding my chest so that Satan can see that I’m facing,
Every challenge thrown…
I’m a catch,
A King in my own right while I go blow for blow.
Puffing blunt smoke.
Showing every single soul my Truth where the spotlights glow…

A circle where only one can fit in if chosen to do so.
I’ve tried reaching out to include those I’ve given kudos for being fruitful.
Even fruits go bad in mind,
In time,
when all they do is air out lies…

Withdrawals are needed from anyone drunk with the image of themselves.
Some need to be in front of many cameras just to lend a hand of Help.
Then “snap” when they pull the shutters down on their windows of opportunity as Karma in this Hell.
For seeking Diamonds through another’s pain,
Without touching base with the person they forget to sell,
While revealed through their own ‘cracks’…

No need for me to be infected with the strength of someone who doesn’t have any.
Rhythm and flows!
I have many,
While I try my best to make M’s without giving up my soul to the puppet masters that control the ‘Telly.
Who are they or anybody trying to tell me what to do while I’m spelling out a future where I’m swelling.
Every pocket I posses on my person…
I rather stay rehearsing all my lines and keep hurting haters laid up doing nothing while I get my weight up…

Who are you?
Is what I’ll say to strangers when I’m way up!
My mind lays within a heaven that I made up.
While the “Free” world surrounding me gets the crumbs I ate up,
For miles…
So what!
Is what I’m screaming since my own friends and family,
Couldn’t handle me!
Even if I was on my last drop of Budweiser,
Nowadays I’m wiser.
With no bud around me to help me feel higher.
All I’ve had is God,
The only thing I need to survive before my time on this Earth expires…

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