Freewrite #8: Freshly Squeezed

All an exhausted man wanted that moment was a medium sized drink.Spinach.Kale.Blueberries.Banana.Honey.Cinnamon.No sugar.And some freshly squeezed orange juice.Took a look at the menu inside the café and noticed it was 7 bucks to create my own to boot. The Cashier looked at me and said,"$12 dollars!"And,While handing him a $20 bill,I was just so confused...... Continue Reading →

Rhubarb I Wouldn’t Eat

Lost in the winds of time. Caressed by turbulent flows of emotional rhubarb between myself and what I used to be. Accepting the seeds I've planted within soil out of reach for my demons. Conquering this tug-of-war I've promised myself to win at all cost, Willing to pay the price it takes. Even if I... Continue Reading →

Sour Patch Men

Spit the kind of bars where the whole room will wine. Inside of a glass house I'm breaking through with lines, Punches you could not avoid as I bruise your eyes. With all the fruits of life. Food from thy, While I move in stride. I choose to die! In the name of every poem... Continue Reading →

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