Freewrite #10: Tired Eyez

Never seek validation.
Rather give palpitations,
To the “pals” I’ve embraced in a town where the Faceless,
Have a voice used to trick the Nation,
Like they did to me!
While I stood in amazement…

Already forsaken!
Since the day I started making,
Drinks over phone calls just to see another faking that smile while laced with,
Intent they don’t intend to show until they’re no longer paid,
Over all the Beauty you create!
Whether it’s a Brush with some paint,
A knife and some clay,
A pen and a page,
A mic and a stage,
It’s beacon for their demons to begin impeding all the progress that you make…

It’s why I choose to walk alone unless you’re on the same plane,
One even higher than mine!
To elevate further than ever before while I admire the sky
No longer blue inside of these tired eyes…

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