Eyez Of Angel, With Hornz

You have to look the world in the eyes.
Tell it that there isn’t anything it can ever do to ensure your demise!
Demonize my character after every action I was forced to take.
I wasn’t born an angel as I bled from the inside for a plethora of dark days,
Winging it in front of an entire audience cheering on my pain!
They seem to appreciate honesty,
And who I am,
Whenever suicide is mentioned along with my name…

I may be on a stage,
Not a single part of me is staged like the rest while I sway.
Back and fourth,
To my own beat with my nose in a page…
Without hosting parasitic dreams,
Turned into nightmares!
When cornered by the need to change…

For some,
It’s an act,
For us?
It is our way to save ourselves from our own hands.
Rather keep my life in my palms while burying the past,
Through a vision painted with this gift I was given to present a new path,
Within a pen and pad,
Absorbing every jab,
From everyone who couldn’t understand!
How God chose to destroy the Man,
I had to face in my bedroom mirrors while noticing the knife in his hands…

It’s deeper than rap!
In a world that forgot what honesty looks like while weaved in a trap!
Everything pseudo,
Even when you look at the news,
Localized for the hived mind loosing its noodle!
Now focused on a past,
Living backwards just to get some “menudo”.
“Change” most seem so afraid of,
Unless it’s a pyramid with an owl in view!

Trying to be the best I can be as a person.
We all make mistakes when either one of us is bleeding and hurting.
As you can see,
My shirt is soaked,
Have been alone,
I’m still here on my personal excursion.
Sharing with the whole world my life in its entirety while in search of,
Another reason that convinces me to stay on an Earth most of us…
Simply take for granted…

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