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Outdoor Scribblez

Writing a freewrite outdoors hasn’t been done in such a long time. Years, matter of fact. And, it feels so damn good to be doing so at the moment. A breath of fresh air from all of the same shit I’ve been having to deal with for far too long.

Yet, no matter what complaint I may have when push comes to shove, my body heals faster than I actually have been believing. Maybe, a lot of the pain coursing through my flesh is what you call a growing pain. A battery that’s dying and in need of replacement. What else can be said about a storm that flows away with enough patience?

So, I’ve allowed myself to drown within the chirps of every hatchling making its presence known in hopes someone throws at them a piece of salvation. Just like old days back in high school, sitting down at the back of Butler Hall at Bronx Community College, Bronx, NY, with the rest of power writers along side me, reminiscing about all of our good times before life hit the fan for a few of us, story for another day. But, All that’s missing is just that. A circle I can finally call a family…

It’s truly what my heart’s been yearning for. A family. A family that allows me to breath the air I choose to breathe. One that accepts me for who I am as a person rather than begging me to fit the standard. In a society that already locks you in a choke hold of conformity, why would I want to be part of any mold rotting in its draconian grip? Why dry within a mold with no character in good shape we can all see?

Nonetheless, things do happen for a reason. Because, If I wasn’t exiled from a Glass House beginning to crumble piece by piece, I’d be dead beneath every salient shard thundering down towards a vessel I vow to save at all costs…

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