In Need Of Love

Desolation.Abandoned by those who've promised they wouldn't.Left stranded,Labeled a beast who shall be devoured by his own thoughts.Unworthy of love as a man with barely any change as well as anyone to hold,In a world that feeds it's cold heart by biting his flesh.Yet,He's only wrapped up in the one world he's made,While endlessly searching... Continue Reading →

Outdoor Scribblez

Writing a freewrite outdoors hasn't been done in such a long time. Years, matter of fact. And, it feels so damn good to be doing so at the moment. A breath of fresh air from all of the same shit I've been having to deal with for far too long. Yet, no matter what complaint... Continue Reading →

Who’s Got A Good Lawyer?

Tend to overthink.Float off the deep end once in a while.But,I like to think that we do not get to see the bottom of the ocean in our flesh,Unless,We drown.Resuscitated by the simplicities of life... Because,Escapism isn't a choice you can make,If you yearn for victor.Pays to be unctuous when facing trials and tribulations.And,If a... Continue Reading →

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