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Don’t Know What To Say (The Good Memories continued)

Before you get up and start your day,
Getting ready to clock in for work and get paid,
Just to smile after being ridiculed for all the pain you may be feeling,
Try not to forget how memories don’t have to make you cry…
Any time a thought wrenches your gut,
Think about the grin they gave you deep inside,
Before being tainted by the reasons we all hide,
From truths meant to break you…
Piece by piece.
Off of a mold meant to misshape you,

Misery relates more in a world oversaturated by so many frowns.
Can’t ever make way into smoke shops on Broadway,
Without another clown acting up just to catch a bit of clout,
And cloud their own image by trying to fill a bigger shoe inside of a hood,
Covering expenses through a drought!
Brought upon a soul with eyes dried from a bout,
Against a demon they could not keep away from,
Defeated by their own doubts…

What’s a critic to hot head,
With a hand wrapped around a pencil while the other’s laying on a page where I control rhythm?
Too many bars for me to sugar coat how I feel when I’m spitting…

So I’m dispatching a shot for anyone sour towards my success,
And I’m not kidding!
Might have been taken as a joke for so long,
Go ahead and get in front of every lyric I had written with a tear drop more acidic than a heart full of malice,
Nothing but bad intentions!
It’s not,
Going to be an easy drop,
For you when you witness how I put the beats on a block after losing each incentive,
God handed me to keep ripping through the competition…

I knew I would be blessed!
With palms constantly working.
I’m just a kid who grew up watching mom and dad doing foul shit,
Even if it hurt me!
They did it for those nights that my stomach was growling while they were thirsty,
For a chance to breathe and not worry!
For another second,
Over some child they could care less about!
Don’t ever tell me otherwise,
When I stood in front of them every night they would shout,
How I deserved to die even till this day as a man going through a temporary drought!…

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